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Star Chaser Story MUSH is an invite-only fantasy role-playing game that follows the adventures of Reize Seatlan and his friends, rivals, and/or love interests throughout his canonical home of Rithera, the Sundered Lands.

Set after the heroic, delicious events of Star Chaser Story: First Flight, an action-RPG currently in development by Sacred Star Team, and inspired by the themes of Illusion of Gaia and Ys, SCSMUSH focuses on exploration, travel, and the effects of a small party's wanderings upon the political and cosmic forces of a complex persistent world.

Our primary goals at SCSMUSH are to enjoy free-wheeling fantasy-themed text-based RP and, in the process, to develop the setting and plot of Star Chaser Story. The events of SCSMUSH will be taken as inspiration for future game development in the Star Chaser Story canon.

Because the development team is unavailable to staff a MUSH full-time, SCSMUSH must remain invite-only. Its theme documentation is currently being edited and its combat system is in early development.

You can connect to the game directly from your browser using Evennia's built-in online client or via your own client at scsmush.com:4000.


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